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Where to Begin?

“Where to begin?” is a great question to everyone, a great starting point to everyone who is struggling with their current situation. It is a new start for rethinking and adjusting our life for a new set of change that will affect our daily lives.

It is a question that we need to address when the path we are taking is really going nowhere, not because of the obstacles that blocks our way but it is because as we go further with our journey we see clearly where we should be, where we should plant the seed of our effort and energy.

Though it is hard to take a risk when we see our time is limited and too late to act for a change… still, it is best not to add another minute not to grab that risk and take the first train that will lead us to where we should go a long time ago.

Painful it is... but it is better to be bruised and bleed to be where you should be than to live in a comfort zone and did everything you can but still you only got the second best of your life.

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