Where to Begin?

“Where to begin?” is a great question to everyone, a great starting point to everyone who is struggling with their current situation. It is a new start for rethinking and adjusting our life for a new set of change that will affect our daily lives.

It is a question that we need to address when the path we are taking is really going nowhere, not because of the obstacles that blocks our way but it is because as we go further with our journey we see clearly where we should be, where we should plant the seed of our effort and energy.

Though it is hard to take a risk when we see our time is limited and too late to act for a change… still, it is best not to add another minute not to grab that risk and take the first train that will lead us to where we should go a long time ago.

Painful it is... but it is better to be bruised and bleed to be where you should be than to live in a comfort zone and did everything you can but still you only got the second best of your life.

Don't Stop Dreaming

Just a thought... If rain love to pour down on your way, don’t be sad and don’t get tired. Every living things needs to rest and no matter how we keep things it fades as it aged; so as it is to rain.

Everything has its own season; everything begins and ends; anything that overflows it run dry, and anything in this world keeps evolving. So never stop dreaming keep pursuing what you want; Adversities will not stop pouring down on your way but remember even in heavy rain the sun keeps lighting our path; even clouds keep blocking the sun it still do its duty no matter how weak... the sun still shine. Though things fail and fades there is always another opportunity to come in your way... just like the rainbow after the rain; and the moon and the star that lights when evening came.Don’t stop dreaming and start pursuing it... 31 years of living in this world I have learned even in simple demonstration on how things works here on earth there is one thing that never change the hope that God kee…


I don't usually get envy with people who has a lot of money to buy gadgets, or some cool stuff... but now I do! I love and want one of this Samsung gadget! I don't know how can I buy this one but for sure if there is a will there is a sure way I just need to pursue and persevere... hehehe

Imagine... bringing it everywhere I go... I won't miss my paper planner (so much fun in planning the day), sending handwritten notes to my friends,I can access the net, taking pictures of places I go and things I see...

I guess the weight of my bag will be lessen and there will be more space inside my bag... for other stuff... just because of this gadget! :) Isn't fun?!

You can find more info of this tempting gadget from below link.

Life of a Freelancer

I left my job six years ago so I went back to my part time job; Encoding receipts and submitting BIR returns; I earned so little and sometimes I am literally broke. So I got 30 pesos in my wallet today, and another 20 pesos that I am planning to give in our cell group offering.

Earlier this afternoon I gave my 30 pesos to my mom to buy some putubungbong and nilupak... so I got only 20pesos left and it isn't mine because I intended to give it to the cell group. When suddenly my dad ask me to text Superkalan because we run out of gas. I always doubt my dad because since I was little he always promise something and none of it will be granted. So I ask him "do you have money?" and he told me he has. So he handed me 500 pesos but I gave it back; I told him that the delivery boy don't bring change more than 10 pesos. So he went out of the house to get a 500 change.

Delivery takes less than a minute... and he knows that... and of course guess what... my dad went back hom…

Dreams vs. Love

Some people throw their dreams away just to be with someone they really... really love that most of the time became the one big cause of two people’s separation.
Dreams are vital for people to continue living. When there is desperation, hardship and there’s no sign of hope in everything that they do only dream can give them the heart to continue pursue life.
Love on the other hand fire up the passion of people to hold on to the dream that may seem impossible to reach.

Bible says that there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to embrace and a time to refrain, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time for love and a time to hate.

Never give up on your dreams and even in love... there is no need to choose... love or dream?...if it is both meant for us, but time has something to do with it. We need to prioritize everythin…

Another Thoughts of You

“I got another thought; its all about loving and being love; Maybe February 2013 is approaching very past that is why I can’t stop thinking of what it will be liked when someone already landed at your heart’s doorstep?.”

What would it be liked if you are here already?

What will be the changes in my daily routine? Does my phone will have a heartbeat too when it rings or will the incoming text messages will have a heart signed all over it (just a silly and funny thought... lol).

What it will be liked waking up every morning knowing there is you?

What it would be liked looking out the window at the first hour of the day,will it give a different joy? (crazy! but sure it is!); will I see the morning sun with a happy face? I bet it will be a much lovelier day; a more fulfilled and exciting moments; every hour has its own lovely tune;

Opening the door will be a little bit different and there will be a sure nervous cracking feeling along with excitement.

A lot of changes will happen fo…

A cat makes life fun

Our cat muning is a very fun and sweet, loving male cat. He is the most handsome and dearest cat in our neighborhood... well he is a little chickboy... ugghhh!!! being a handsome is so irresistible what can we do.
Muning is a very smart male cat, he knows how to kiss an adult hand as a sign of respect (“muning, mano” and he will reach your hand with his forehead),he knows his own food; he does not eat our food in the table (but if we have chicken and bulalo, we can’t leave the table unattended when muning is around; he loves bulalo soup and chicken.), he loves to lie on the floor while drinking, and he even know how to tell you that he is jealous of other cats when we gave those cats foods or we carry other cats than him; he will look at us and will simply lie down on the floor and when we try to call him he will not look at us and closed his eyes... hehehehe... what a cute little cat he looks like a human to me... he understand simple commands like... (Muning, uwi na tayo). Isn’t n…